Dragonfly Kit


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Capture youngsters' attention with this fun felt and wood dragonfly kit. This 48-piece kit has enough supplies to create six vibrant finished insects, making it a nice way to engage small groups in classroom, home, or camp settings. Easy assembly with kid-size design elements ensures your little ones enjoy a frustration-free crafting experience when you give them this dragonfly kit.
• 6 6.47-inch x 2.54-inch x 2-millimeter glitter felt shapes (3 each of hot pink and royal blue)
• 6 4.5-inch wood craft sticks (3 each of purple and blue)
• 6 0.875-inch diameter wood beads (3 each of bright pink and dark blue)
• 12 10-millimeter wiggle eye stickers
• 18 6-millimeter x 12-inch chenille stems (3 each of blue, pink, white, blue glitter, white glitter, dark blue, and bright pink)